Blind Styles


You will find blinds in almost every establishment including homes, offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, shops… Some blind styles are more suited to certain windows / rooms / recesses than others. Please contact us should you require assistance in deciding on the optimal blinds for your interior. Below is a little more information regarding the blind styles we offer:

Roman Blinds

A roman blind is made of fabric that draws up into neat pleats allowing light into the room and looks like a flat panel of fabric when closed. Roman blinds add simplistic elegance to the room and effectively block out light from outside. Use them alone or teamed up with curtains. Roman blinds look equally elegant with our without a pelmet. Blackout / block out linings are not limited for use on curtains and are often added to roman blinds to block out unwanted light from passing through the face fabric. We especially recommend them for bedrooms as well as media rooms and home theaters. Roman blinds are popular given the huge choice of fabric and colours available as well the options for trimmings and pelmets.

Venetian Blinds

A Venetian blind has horizontal slats, one above another made of metal or plastic. Wooden slats are also used but are mainly referred to as wood blinds.

The slats can be pivoted and can therefore control the amount of light that passes through. Simple and elegant, venetian blinds are always in style no matter the decade. These easy access blinds are a win whether for home or office use.

Roller Blinds

A roller blind is simple in design and provides a sleek and stylish dressing to your window. They are put together using sheets of stiff fabric around a hollow tube. Roll the blind up or down withe the side cord to achieve the required level of shading and/or privacy. A cordless option is also available using a simple spring system. These are ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries. A wide range of fabrics and textures ensures a match for any interior. Also available in blockout fabric for the bedroom and TV room. Day night (or double) roller blinds are a clever newcomer to the roller blind offering. By pulling the side cord of the double roller blind, two fabric layers overlap to modify the transparency of the blind.

Silent Gliss Panel Systems

The sliding panel system is a unique window dressing technique, with the concept originating from Japanese culture. Choose between flat and folding panels, straight or curved tracks. These systems look attractive from both the back and front and can therefore also be used as room dividers. Our straight system can be hand, cord or electrically operated. Create the design that best suits your interior by combining different colours, fabrics and textures.

Vertical Venetian

Traditionally, vertical blinds were the popular choice for office environments, yet they have much to offer home interiors too. They are best used for screening sliding doors – parting left, right or splitting evenly on either side. You can choose from a variety of colours and textures including a total block out PVC option. These are a great and easy alternative to curtains and efficient in offices and homes or any setting.

Remote Controlled Systems

Motorised blinds are gaining popularity. Motor systems are available for roller, venetian and roman blinds. Open or close your blinds with perfect precision with just one click. Motors are also ideal for large windows and hard to reach blinds.  Our experienced installation teams install and service these systems.

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