Although there is an endless variety of décor styles, the two main styles are classic and contemporary. Contemporary designs allow for a modern looking interior, whereas classic interiors tend to be traditional, offering an ambiance of timelessness and elegance. Our portfolio below allows you to experience the appeal and distinct personality of both classic and contemporary interiors.



Stylistic Signature

Stunning interiors, gorgeous kitchens, dreamy bedrooms, stylish bathrooms, exquisite entrance halls… We love seeing rooms transformed and would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your dreams for decorating your home. If you would like to consult with us about any of our interior decorating services, please do not hesitate to contact us. A tastefully decorated room is one that has been given its very own stylistic signature. This applies to all interiors including, but not limited to, homes, hotels, guesthouses, cottages or offices. Listed below are 5 steps to achieving this level of style for your interior:

Step 1

1. The first thing to give consideration to is your own style.

This is first because it is the most important! If your style is Natural, an opulent room may not provide the peace you desire. Should your style be Classic Elegance, a Minimalist interior could seem to stifle your senses. Harmony is essential. Your home is your castle and you should feel comfortable in it. Perhaps you don’t know what your style is. If this is the case, our suggestion is for you to be intentionally mindful of which interiors appeal to you. View online, in magazines, friends’ homes, places you’ve visited… There is no right or wrong – just identify and decide on the style that is right for YOU.

Step 2 & 3

2. Consider basics interior requirements.

See how important your style is? Your style points you in the right direction. Now you can choose basics such as type of flooring, wall coverings as well as key furniture items.

3. Imagine the room as a canvas or a stage waiting to be formed and fashioned.

With the basics out the way, we can now give attention to the colour scheme, the different types of surfaces and natural focal points of the room.

Step 4 & 5

4. Allow the room to reflect our multidimensional lives.

Start off by including your favourite piece. For instance, your grandfather’s desk that you absolutely love. Perhaps, the refurbished chair that you will never give away. From there we choose home fabrics for curtains, wall coverings, carpets and soft furnishings.

5. The personal touch.

Home is where the heart is, and the heart loves connection. Your room must include items that are special to you. They remind you of places, people and moments to be cherished.

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