Curtain Styles


A beautifully dressed window has the potential to transform a room from ordinary and plain to extraordinary and luxurious. Achieving this requires a little more expertise than simply choosing a beautiful fabric. Consideration must also given to the drop of the curtain which is dependent on the curtain header style. We take into account both design and composition of the curtain fabric when advising on curtain pleats and other curtain styles. Curtain City offers motorised curtains using remote controlled systems by Somfy. These can be integrated with home automation systems and are compatible with iPhone and WiFi remote access synchronised control.

Designer Pleats

Pleats and pleated accessories should collate and flatter the fabrics’ inherent nature to lift the rooms atmosphere.

Designer pleats come in many shapes and forms, including the French / pinch pleat, cartridge pleat, inverted pleat and the grommet pleat.

Wave Pleats

Wave pleats can be loose and floating or tight and structured. The list of pleats is endless but knowing the basics is helpful.

Rod Styles

Curtain rods are often used instead of curtain rails. Rod styles can be simple and minimalistic or large and ornate, depending on the requirements of the room.

Interior designers are often required to find creative solutions to hide the unsightly, exposed fittings of a window dressing. We find that beautifully decorative curtain rods best suit the style of some rooms.

Deciding on Drapery

First consider the function of a window before deciding on drapery. Is the window dressing purely aesthetic? Or, should it provide some sort of purpose such as offering privacy and/or light control?

With this in mind, it becomes easier to move on to the more enjoyable and creative decisions. These include fabric composition, colour, length of fabric, curtain styles, curtain fittings, curtain rods and poles, pelmets and tie-backs. Usually, we would prefer to create an illusion of height in any room we have been assigned to. A way of doing this is by placing the curtain rods or rails much higher than the top of a window. A curtain which just brushes the floor tends to give a more simplified, contemporary look. Added length allows for a more luxurious feel with the curtain creating a sumptuous puddle of fabric at its base. A combination of both the structure of the fabric as well as the header style of the curtain determines the fluidity of the curtain. These can create loose, soft and delicate folds, or a more controlled and defined finish.

If an exposed pole is not an option, your best choice to hide the curtain rail with a pelmet. Pelmets can be as simple or as decorative as you desire. The pelmet is covered in fabric or wallpaper as well as other finishing touches which can add character and sophistication to a room. Our curtains are durable and beautifully made using the finest fabrics to suit either a room of standard height as well as rooms of extraordinary height. If you require some direction for curtains and blinds in your home or office, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are not many window styles and challenges that we have not as yet encountered. Our extensive experience in this area has allowed us the privilege of enhancing and transforming many home and office interiors. Use our knowledge to assist you in making quality (and stylish) decisions for your interior.

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